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Saturday, April 23, 2022

HiSilicon Hi3516Ev200 debrick

 HiSilicon Hi3516Ev200 camera gets bricked if tried to update the OpenIPC from the web interface running on :85, as the mtd block erase crashes the system during the process.

Download the latest build from github, unpack it and put it on the tftp directory.

wget | tar -zvx /tmp/tftboot

Set the local IP as

Start tftp server:   in.tftpd -L -vvvv -a -s /tmp/tftpboot 

Connect the USBSerial adapter and configure minicom speed at 115200bps.

Connect power to the HiSilicon board and press CTRL+C

At the prompt, type:

setenv bootargs 'mem=${osmem:-32M} console=ttyAMA0,115200 panic=20 root=/dev/mtdblock3 rootfstype=squashfs init=/init mtdparts=hi_sfc:256k(boot),64k(env),2048k(kernel),5120k(rootfs),-(rootfs_data)'
setenv bootcmd 'setenv setargs setenv bootargs ${bootargs}; run setargs; sf probe 0; sf read 0x42000000 0x50000 0x200000; bootm 0x42000000'
setenv uk 'mw.b 0x42000000 ff 1000000; tftp 0x42000000 uImage.${soc} && sf probe 0; sf erase 0x50000 0x200000; sf write 0x42000000 0x50000 ${filesize}'
setenv ur 'mw.b 0x42000000 ff 1000000; tftp 0x42000000 rootfs.squashfs.${soc} && sf probe 0; sf erase 0x250000 0x500000; sf write 0x42000000 0x250000 ${filesize}'
setenv soc hi3516ev200
setenv osmem 32M
setenv totalmem 64M
setenv ipaddr
setenv serverip
run uk; run ur; reset  

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