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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

DR/Migrate Sco SysV

1)      Reinstall SCO Base system
2)      Copy /etc/conf to a backup directory (ie: copy –ormv /etc/conf /usr/rcvr/conf)
3)      Remove all contents of /etc/conf (cd /etc/conf && rm –r /etc/conf/*)
4)      Change file creation mask on root filesystem (cd / && umask 0)
5)      Restore tape excluding /dev & /stand (cpio –icvdmufB< /dev/rStp0 “dev/*” “stand/*” )
6)      Copy ttytype & inittab to backup directory (ex: cp /etc/inittab /usr/rcvr/ )
7)      Use SCOadmin to relink the kernel
8)      If asked to rebuild environment answer (y)YES
9)      Put back inittab & ttytype form the backup (ex: cp /usr/rcvr/inittab  /etc/inittab)
     10)     Reboot & have a Beer

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