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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Copy standard switch port groups from one esx host to another

The below code asks for lmvap-vcs60 credentials, connects to Vcenter, and copied aesx11 vSwitch2 portgroups over to a new host called aesx05 using vSwitch1. (or so said my buddy Josh O. who wrote it) 

$vccred = get-credential
connect-viserver -server lmvap-vcs60.domain.tld -credential $vccred
$dest = get-virtualswitch -name vSwitch1 -vmhost aesx05.domain.tld
$source = get-virtualportgroup -vmhost aesx11.domain.tld -virtualswitch vSwitch2 -standard
$countvar = $source.count
for ($a=0 ; $a -le $countvar-1 ; $a++)
$pgname = $source[$a].name
$vlan = $source[$a].VLANID
new-virtualportgroup -virtualswitch $dest -name $pgname -VLANID $vlan
disconnect-viserver -server lmvap-vcs60.domain.tld -confirm:$false

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