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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

DD-WRT on a Videotron reflashed DIR-825

The Videotron custom firmware does not allow local upgrade. On the firmware update page there is a nice "Firmware upgrade: Disabled" and that's where the update ends in the main interface.
In order to update, I've rebooted in  recovery mode browser by keeping the reset pressed white plugin the power. However, the upload process was always staying at 0% and didn't finished;
Then I've hexedited the factory-to-ddwrt_NA.bin and changed the last byte in the file from "0" to "2" - still no luck;
I've tried uploading directly from the shell: "ifconfig enp0s25 up && curl -0vF files=@factory-to-ddwrt_NA.bin" - nope, still nothing;

The solution was deceivingly simple: I've put a switch between the D-Link and the computer - then the curl upload worked perfectly!

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