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Thursday, December 01, 2016

SCO SysV Cannot enable remote printing (mkdev rlp) after the installation of an Update Pack 2/3 or a Maintenance Pack

"Unable to get complete data for 'Printer Manager on ...
Failed to retrieve list of remote printers.    
The TCP/IP rlp remote printing package is not installed...."
According to the documentation of Update Pack x and Maintenance
          Pack x, "mkdev rlp" MUST be run before applying Update Pack x or
          when including CUPS as part of the installation of the Maintenance
          Pack as detailed in:
          CUPS and Remote Printing (LPD)
          Although CUPS supports LPD as both a server and a client, the CUPS
          LPD server implementation does not support access control (based on
          the settings in the /etc/hosts.equiv and /etc/hosts.lpd files).
          If your setup requires the use of the standard LPD, or you wish to
          use access control, do not install CUPS.
WARNING  If you have never run mkdev rlp and you wish to do
          so, the CUPS package must be removed before running mkdev rlp
          and then reinstalled after remote printing is configured.
on a system-wide basis in /etc/default/lpd. The default entry is
            for the SYSV print system:


          If you already had run "mkdev rlp" and have added the Maintenance
          Pack and are now unable to run "scoadmin printer" -> Printer ->
          Add Remote (ie. (UNIX) ) is not able to be highlighted to add new
          Remote Printers then the cause is /usr/lib/mkdev/rlp is missing.

          The file 'rlp' is kept in /usr/lib/lp/sysv/save and can be copied
          back to /usr/lib/mkdev/rlp

          This issue has been reported to SCO Engineering.

          If you need CUPS to be removed in order for you to use LPD as
          detailed above in the Maintenance Pack installation notes BUT also
          require SAMBA to be used then please note that the removal of CUPS
          will also remove a number of libraries vital to Samba from /usr/lib:



          Which should be copied and placed back into /usr/lib after CUPS has
          been removed in order for SAMBA 3.0.20A to function otherwise you
          may see:

          # /etc/init.d/smb start
          dynamic linker : /usr/sbin/smbd : could not open

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