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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Install DD-WRT on Buffalo WZR-600DHP2

1 Download the Official DD-WRT image from

2 login to
username: bufpy
password: otdpopypassword

Click on telnetd, click on Start

3 telnet and type: "ubootenv set accept_open_rt_fmt 1"

4 point your browser to
5 upload the firmware you downloaded (and unziped) on step 1
6 wait.
7 wait.
9 wait some more time, then login to admin:password 
- enjoy DD-WRT!

(thanks to Guilherme Garnier for correcting me at the last step)

Firmware 2.27 and higher have a slightly different procedure:
1 login to username "bufpy" password "otdpopypassword"
2 In a new tab, go to the normal web interface at (automatically logged in in debug mode)
3 Click on the new button "debug-disp"
4 Click on the (second to last) link "admin", then on the (first) link "name"
5 Click on the last link ending in firmup.html
6 In this interface, any ".bin" firmware (i.e. not in the typical Buffalo .zip package) can be uploaded without validation. It should also be possible to downgrade to an earlier Buffalo stock firmware on this page.

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