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Monday, January 04, 2016

Reset the username and password on a Symbol WS-2000

Connect the WS-2000 to the PC using a standard 9F to 9F null modem cable 
(the old 3Com serial)
Baud Rate - 19,200
Data Bits - 8
Parity - None
Stop Bits - 1
Flow Control - None
Emulation needs to be set to "Autodetect" or "ANSI"

Power cycle the WS-2000.
While the WS-2000 is booting up, press and hold the ESC key (you'll see 
a boot> prompt).
This should bring you to the boot command line.
Type "passwd default".
Type "reboot".
After the system boots back up, the username and password should be set 
back to the default

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