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Friday, November 27, 2015

Recreate Offline Address Book - Exchange 2010

1.    Create a new OAB.

a.    Open Exchange Management Console, expand “Organization Configuration” ->”Mailbox”.
b.    Click “Offline Address Book” tab. Right click the blank area and click “New Offline Address Book”.
c.    Type a different OAB name and click “Browse” to select the Exchange 2010 mailbox server as OAB generation server.
d.    Checked “Include the default Global Address Lists” option. As shown below:
e.    Click Next and checked “ Enable Web-base distribution” option and “ Enable public folder distribution” option. Click “Add” to select the default OAB virtual directory.
f.     Click “Next”, click “New” and click “Finish” to complete the creating process.


2.    Restart related services.

a.    Restart the “Microsoft Exchange System Attendant” service.
b.    Restart “Microsoft Exchange File Distribution” service.


3.    Update the new OAB and set it as default.

a.    Right click the new create OAB and click “Update” to update it manually. Waiting 15-30 minutes for the OAB generate finished.
b.    Right click the new OAB and click “set as default”. Click “Yes” to confirm it.


4.    Associate the new OAB to all the users’ mailbox databases.

a.    Expand “Server Configuration” ->”Mailbox”. Right click “mailbox database” and select “Properties”.
b.    Click “Client Settings” tab, under “Offline Address Book” option, click “Browse” button to choose the new created OAB. It will associate the new OAB to the mailbox store. Click “OK”. As shown below.
c.    Let problematic users click “Send/Receive” button on their Outlook client to download OAB, check whether the problem is resolved.

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