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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Configure a bunch of HP Thin Clients with fixed IPs

@echo off
:: A script to assign incremental fix ips to Thin Clients
:: Needs psexec ( in order to run with administrative rights
:: 2013/07/04 neXt ( Initial release

:: set variables
set user=Administrator
set pass=Administrator
set iprange=192.168.3
set nmask=
set gateway=
set dns1=
set dns2=
set startip=200

:: we need a common location to save the last used IP.
set "conf=ips.txt"
IF not EXIST %conf% (
echo DEBUG: Config file does not exist! Creating %conf% with the starting IP %iprange%.%startip%
(echo %startip%)>"%conf%"

:: get the saved IP and increment it by 1
for /f "usebackq delims=." %%N in ("%conf%") do set /a newip=%%N+1
if %newip% GTR 254 (
echo IP can not be bigger than 254! Please Check the IP Range!
exit /B

:: put back the new IP 
(echo %newip%)>"%conf%"

:: in order to change the IP, we need to identify the local network adapter name
For /f "skip=2 tokens=4*" %%a In ('NetSh Interface IPv4 Show Interfaces') Do (

Call :UseNetworkAdapter %%a "%%b"

Goto :End

:: varibles: %1 = State; %2 = Name (quoted); %~2 = Name (unquoted)
If %1==connected (

:: Ignore Loopback interface
echo.%2|findstr /C:"Loop" >nul 2>&1
if errorlevel 1 (

echo DEBUG: Interface: %2 IP: %iprange%.%newip% Mask: %nmask% GW: %gateway% DNS: %dns1% %dns2%
psexec -u %user% -p %pass% netsh interface ip set address name=%2 static %iprange%.%newip% %nmask% %gateway% 1
psexec -u %user% -p %pass% netsh interface ip set dns name=%2 static %dns1%
psexec -u %user% -p %pass% netsh interface ip add dns name=%2 %dns2% index=2

:: save the thin client state and reboot
psexec -u %user% -p %pass% ewfmgr c: -commit
psexec -u %user% -p %pass% shutdown -r -f -t 2


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