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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Remove weird characters from filenames

paste <(find . -print | awk '{print "\042"$0"\042"}') <(find . -print | sed -e 's/\o300/A/g' -e 's/\o301/A/g' -e 's/\o302/A/g' -e 's/\o340/a/g' -e 's/\o341/a/g' -e 's/\o342/a/g' -e 's/\o307/C/g' -e 's/\o347/c/g' -e 's/\o310/E/g' -e 's/\o311/E/g' -e 's/\o312/E/g' -e 's/\o350/e/g' -e 's/\o351/e/g' -e 's/\o352/e/g' -e 's/\o316/I/g' -e 's/\o356/i/g' -e 's/\o322/O/g' -e 's/\o323/O/g' -e 's/\o324/O/g' -e 's/\o362/o/g' -e 's/\o363/o/g' -e 's/\o364/o/g' -e 's/\o331/N/g' -e 's/\o361/n/g' -e 's/\o331/U/g' -e 's/\o332/U/g' -e 's/\o333/U/g' -e 's/\o371/u/g' -e 's/\o372/u/g' -e 's/\o373/u/g' -e 's/\o357/i/g' -e 's/\o317/I/g' -e 's/\o264/_/g' -e 's/\o250/_/g' -e 's/[)(]/-/g' -e 's/^\(.*\)$/"\1"/') | sed -e 's/^/mv /'

pretty neat, heh?
I'm using awk when I define the source because sed -e 's/.*/"&"/' or 's/^\(.*\)$/"\1"/' fails in the weird characters.

 And while being there, find . -type f -regextype posix-extended ! -iregex '.*.(mp3|avi|mkv|wmv|mp4|mp5|flv|M4V|mpeg|mov|m1v|m2v|3gp|avchd)$' -delete will nicely clean up the music folders :)

the characters definitions are found in  /usr/share/X11/locale/iso8859-1/Compose

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